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Motorsport Sensors

We offer the finest products available to the motorsports market. The sensors we provide are designed specifically for extreme racing environements and are supported by a dedicated staff of engineers and customer support technicians. Call us at 770-632-8755 and let us discuss a solution for your sensing needs.

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Position Sensors

Penny+Giles offers a wide range of linear position sensors, linear displacement transducers and linear potentiometers that offer stroke length measurements from 0.2” (5mm) to 196” (5000mm). Penny+Giles uses technologies that include potentiometric, inductive, eddy current and Hall effect, packaged in rugged housings, with mountings that give the user a wide range of flexible installation options.

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• 50-200mm electrical stroke

• Metal Rod Ends or Quick Disconnect

• DR25 Jacketing

• IP66 Sealing

• Protective Sleeve Available


The MLS130 sealed linear sensor is designed to provide superior performance within a compact, lightweight package in stroke lengths from 25 to 200mm. With a choice of mounting options, including metal rod end bearings, and an optional protective sleeve for extreme environmental conditions, this sensor is ideally suited to motorsport data acquisition applications on suspension and throttle position feedback, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid despatch are vital. The sensor is supplied fully sealed to IP66, with an integrally moulded DR25 sheathed multicore cable.

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SLS095 Linear

• 10mm-100mm displacements

• Compact design

• IP50 or IP66 Sealing

• Rod bearing or Stud Mount

• Optional body mount or flange mount kit

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SLS095 is designed to provide maximum performance benefits within an extremely compact body diameter of 9.5mm, with stroke lengths from 10 to 100mm. The miniature size of this sensor makes it ideal for motorsport data acquisition.

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• Hollow shaft Hall-Effect Rotary Sensor

• Throttle Position

• 20-360 deg. measurement range

• Dual Output

• 12-bit resolution

• IP69K


Penny + Giles announces a new variant of the popular contactless rotary position sensor range, which uses a factory programmable non-contact Hall effect sensor system. The TPS280DP is designed as the modern alternative to rotary potentiometers fitted on high performance race car and motorcycle induction systems.

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SRH Rotary Hall-Effect

• Non-contacting technology

• Analog (0.5-4.5Vdc) or Digital (PWM) Output

• 12-bit microprocessor

• IP68 Sealed


The SRH series rotary position sensor uses a high performance 12 bit magnetic rotary encoder ASIC that includes integrated Hall elements and digital signal processing. The angular position information is provided by a two pole magnet integrated with the sensor shaft. The sensor provides a Pulse Width Modulated signal or an absolute analogue voltage signal by using a low-pass filter circuit. Able to operate from an 8 to 30 Vdc unregulated supply, with a high stability circuit and EMC immunity to 100V/m, this new sensor is ideally suited to operation in extremely hostile applications such as off-road vehicles.

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• Non-Contacting Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

• Dual Outputs

• -40 to +170 deg Celsius Working Range

• IP69K Sealed

• 20 to 360 deg electrical angle (1 deg increments)

• Analog or PWM output options

• 12-bit resolution over angle range


NRH280DP has a co-moulded fully encapsulated sensor system that can withstand high shock and vibration as well as operate up to 170°C, and endure high pressure wash-downs (IP69K). The sensor is activated by a separate magnet with a choice of two carrier designs.

Position Sensors

The Celesco SP2 String Pots are compact, economical and durable. These sensors are designed for tight spaces, high-cycle applications and generously allows cable misalignment. With 4 different measurement ranges and handy mounting brackets, the S Series is a perfect solution for many applications, from light industrial to OEM.

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SP2 String Pot

• 4”, 12”, 20” & 50” displacements

• Free-Release tolerant

• Lightweight design

• Multi-position mounting bracket


The SP2 is identical to the SP1 except for an added 40-inch electrical cable with a watertight rubber strain relief. The SP2 has been compactly designed for tight spaces and high cycle applications and generously allows for measuring cable misalignment. With 4 different ranges and a handy mounting bracket, the SP2 is a perfect solution for many applications from light industrial to OEM.